Low Carb snackers:
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    Talking Low Carb snackers:

    Dd and I and to an extent dh are low carbing. College is back in session now, with day long classes, and bags of chips and choco bars tempting her. Ds is home again, needing snacks. AND if I DON'T send a snack with dh, the candy wrappers and chip bags are evidence that he did a diy snack event.

    It helps to start the day with protein, and send a low carb lunch, but that isn't all.

    I found some half cup round plastic containers at Walmart for 99 cents a package which has 8 in there! They are that semi disposable kind that are a lookalike to the ziplock and gladware disposables.

    I bought some pepperoni sticks AND some mixed nuts (no peanuts for this lady) at Costco.

    I've been sending mixed nuts for the past 2 months and it works well but these cups make it easy to portion it all out so the can of nuts doesn't get snarfed in 2 or 3 evenings around this homestead!

    The little cups are perfect to send with a snack or two in a lunch filled with the following:

    Cheddar cheese cubes
    Pepperoni stick lengths (cut in 1 inch sticks)
    Mixed nuts

    All of the above will fill the greasy salty snack cravings without blowing the diet.

    And for my carb eating son, he can still enjoy the carbs in his sandwiches but this gives him a snort of protein to help him over the hungry bits in his day too.

    ANY OTHER IDEAS OUT THERE for LOW CARB SNACKS to send in the cups????

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    I don't know much about low carb, but I think grapes would be good in the containers.

    Slim fast has meal and snack bars that are low carb.

    My neighbor brought me some from a demo she did. The snack bars are really good.

    Sorry, I couldn't think of any good snacks that you already listed. I was thinking string cheese, but you are doing good with the cubed cheese instead.

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    great ideas. i love cheese as a snack and i also like the low-carb yogurt.

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