*Pilates balances the body, focuses on tight areas and aims to increase strength and flexibility.

*Pilates has a dramatic effect on strength, flexibility, posture and coordination.

*Correct breathing ensures a good flow of oxygen to the working muscles, which then cleanses the bloodstream and energizes the whole body. It also improves concentration and aids smooth and fluid movement.

*In Pilates, the breath is called thoracic or lateral breath, which means breathing wide and full into your back and sides, opening the ribcage as your breathe.

*Don't hold your breath--it results in a stressful increase in blood pressure and wastes energy.

*Core--your center. Imagine your core as a tree trunk, the core being the solid supporting center of your arms, legs, and head.

*Aim for slow, studied movements and allow them to flow from start to finish to form a continuous sequence.

*Make every move as smooth and graceful as you can.

*Posture is very important--with an ideal posture, gravity is evenly distributed and all joints are in their neutral position. To find your neutral spine position, lie down on the floor, there should be no lower spine curve--neutral is where the pelvis is level.

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