How To Shorten the Length of Your Cold
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    Default How To Shorten the Length of Your Cold

    Shorten your Cold

    <H1>How To Shorten the Length of Your Cold</H1>

    You got stuck with the cold bug, so now you want to get on with it as comfortably and short as possible. Well here are some ways to treat your cold symptoms at home and possibly shorten the length of your illness.


    <B>Time Required:</B>&nbsp;1-2 Days
    <H3>Here's How:</H3>
    <P class=htL>1.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<B>Get Your Daily Intake Of Vitamin C:</B>
    Eat citrus fruits like oranges and grapefruits or take a multivitamin. Do not take more than 200mg a day.

    <P class=htL>2.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<B>Use A Salty Gargle And Nasal Treatment:</B>
    Mix 1 tsp of salt into a glass of warm water. Gargle with the concoction for 1 minute. If your nose is stuffed up, try snorting some of the salty water up your nasal passages. The mixture will help loosen and dry up your nasal congestion.

    <P class=htL>3.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<B>Eat Chicken Soup:</B>
    While it won't cure you of your cold, the steam from the chicken soup can help loosen nose and chest congestion and help reduce inflammation in the chest and lungs.

    <P class=htL>4.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<B>Wash Your Hands Regularly And Keep From Touching Your Nose And Eyes:</B>
    Avoid from reinfecting yourself. Keep the cold germs at bay by washing your hands regularly and not rubbing your eyes or nose.

    <P class=htL>5.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<B>Take Some Zinc:</B>
    The mineral Zinc can either be used as a nasal spray or as a lozenge. This mineral can shorten the length of your cold by killing viruses in your nose and throat. People who catch colds often should take a multivitamin(which has Zinc)daily.
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    Great article -- esp with summer coming to and end. I usually get my one cold a year in the fall.

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    Thank you!

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