So when you find yourself stuck at the hospital for hours/days on end....
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    Default So when you find yourself stuck at the hospital for hours/days on end....

    you figure out really quickly that there isn't any type of healthy snack in sight when you need it the most! I had a hard time even finding the one vending machine that offered bottled water. Tomorrow I'll be packing me an apple, some almonds, 3 bottles of water, etc... . I can't be stuck staring at those peanut M & M's again I was victorious but I wanted those suckers in a bad way.

    Do you have a special snack or meal that will pull you through a tight spot when you don't have the time to plan an outing?

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    most of the vending machines at our place at least offer trail mix. . . animal crackers, and water.

    that being said-- I try to keep cheese and crackers available for a quick grab-- grapes, bananas, grahman crackers .

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    cheese and crackers and water will get you through.

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