Spa Vacation At Home
You'll need-
Yoga tape or book (for beginners)
Book on meditation
Soothing music
Essential oils or bath salts
Healthy snack or lunch/dinner, maybe try a recipe from a book for a veggie sandwich and fruit
Book or magazine you've been trying to read for decades.
Ok, now I have the spa ingredients, but what do I do with them? After your house is emptied of other bodies, sit still. Don't clean up after everyone; have them do this before they leave. Relaxing is better in a cleaner environment. But, don't you do it. This is your vacation. So, sit still, take a few deep breaths, relax, enjoy the silence. If you have meditated before, this may be a good time to do it, or to try it. Just
concentrate on your breaths, perhaps recite a mantra, like 'I feel at peace'. After you have done this, try a little yoga or do the yoga instead of the meditation. The stretching can be very relaxing as you unwind all the stresses of the day, weeks, years. Start a bath using either the bath salts or essential oils. There are great books on aromatherapy. Lavender oil is great for relaxing, actually it's supposed to be good for many things. Only 3 drops is all you need for your bath. It's worth the investment. I did find bath salts for 69 cents at a salvage grocery store near me and they smell just wonderful. Be creative! Light the candles in your bathroom. Turn out the lights. Soak and enjoy the calmness and peacefulness, let it surround you. Don't let your mind wander on all the things you just have to get done. This time is for you.
When you are done, eat a healthy snack/meal. Then sit down and write in your journal or read that book or magazine. You can add or subtract to this spa vacation. Maybe ask your hubby or friend to throw in a massage, great books for that too. I'd love to hear your ideas. One terrific book to check out is The Woman's Comfort Book by Jennifer Louden. It's a self-nurturing guide for restoring balance in your life.