homemade oat flour: how to?
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    Default homemade oat flour: how to?

    Um...I guess this question goes here. Or it could be in general Q&A... I really have no idea (I'm a newbie)! If the mods want to move it, be my guest

    I am on a special diet that I need no less than 2,500 calories every day. So my meals need to be calorie dense, so I don't have to eat TONS and CONSTANTLY!
    I thought up a new recipe, and tried it...sort of. It needs modification from "oatmeal" to "pudding". I love the taste of oats, but can't tolerate the texture. So I figured rather than doing it with rolled oats, just grind them into flour (with Magic Bullet) and make it more drinkable like a shake.
    Now, here's my problem. Right now I'm using Quick Cook oats as that's what's in my pantry. I would much rather have a healthier version, as I've heard that quicks don't have the full bran or something. When I buy oats to grind, what kind do I get that will turn into powder just fine and not be "grainy" (like they did today) but still have all the fiber and other health benefits?

    My recipe is "Banana peanut butter oatmeal/pudding" = 1/2 cup oats (not ground yet), 1 banana, 2 TBS peanut butter, 8 oz whole milk - all mushed up!...590 calories. I may start using this as a bedtime snack, rather than breakfast, as it is rather filling, and I have to be hungry to eat another 300+ calories in 2 hours ;p

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    You need to get the old fashioned oats & then grind that in a mill or grinder.

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