Polymer Clay? Doll making?
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    Default Polymer Clay? Doll making?

    Hi there!

    Just wondering if anyone else works with polymer clay? Or, if you are a doll maker? I didn't see a suitable sub-topic for either of them above.

    I have made quite a few figures, but not so many dolls. I would really like to get into doll making though. I want to make the cloth bodies, and have the head, hands, and feet be polymer clay.

    We can chat here, or also on yahoo messenger, or someplace like that. :-)

    Cya soon,

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    Default Shannon

    I have inherited a bunch of doll making supplies. The are cloth doll bodies in two different sizes and porcelin hands, legs, and heads. They were my grandmothers. I have too many hobbies already to start yet another. Are you or is someone you know interested?


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