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    Default Make your own ornaments

    Make your own Christmas ornaments

    Here is a great idea to recycle brown paper grocery bags, plus getting terrific Christmas ornaments. This is a project that your older children can help you make.

    Items you will need to make this project:

    Heavy brown paper grocery bags
    Wonder-under or some other fusible web- this can be purchased at department or craft stores
    Scraps of fabric
    Black permanent marking pen- I recommend “Sharpie” brand markers
    Polyfill Stuffing
    Decorative Trims and other Decorative Items
    Scissors and Pinking Shears
    Iron and Ironing Surface
    String, Fishing Line or Jute
    Coloring Books with a Christmas Theme for patterns
    White glue or Tacky glue

    The first thing you need to do is find a suitable pattern, such as a Santa Claus, Snowman, Gingerbread Boy or Angel, with a simple design. That is where the coloring books come in, choose a fairly basic, simple picture without many pieces. Next you will need to trace your pattern onto the paper side of the fusible web, making sure to make a separate pattern for each piece that will be made of a different fabric. (For example: if you are making a snowman, while the same color is used for the body and can be cut out of one pattern piece, his scarf will need to be a totally separate piece, as will his hat) Cut these pattern pieces out, about 1/4 inch from the traced lines, this does not need to be exact.

    Now choose your fabrics, press them to make sure that they are wrinkle free. On the wrong side of your fabric, lay the rough side of the fusible web, this is basically the sticky side, be sure this side is down and the paper side is up when pressing, or you will have a sticky mess on the bottom of your iron. Iron on all of your pattern pieces to the appropriate fabrics, then cut out the pieces on the pencil lines.

    Now cut your grocery bags apart to make them lay flat, they can be slightly pressed if need be to remove any wrinkles. Reassemble your fabric pieces in the correct order on the paper bag, now peel off the paper backing from the fusible web and start pressing your pieces of fabric to the paper bag. This will take a fairly hot iron. The fusible web has basically made your fabric pieces an iron-on transfer. Be sure to layer your fabric pieces properly. (For the snowman, his body will be ironed on first, then his scarf on top of the body, and his hat will also belong on top of the body.) It is best to iron on, one pattern piece at a time to make sure they do not slip out of place.

    Once your fabric is ironed to the paper bag, using your pinking shears (or other decorative edged scissors) cut out around your pattern about ˝ inch away from the edges of the fabric. (You will be leaving ˝ inch of the paper bag showing around the edges of your pattern.)

    Now using your permanent marking pen, make lines that will resemble stitching about 1/4 inch away from the pinked edges of the paper bag. This is also the time to do any other marking that is needed. For example eyes, mouth or any thing else that needs to be outlined.

    The next step is to put a back on your ornament. Run a thin line of glue around the back edge of your prepared ornament, but leave a gap of an inch or two for stuffing. It works best to leave the gap at the top of your project. Now place your ornament glue side down onto another piece of paper bag. (If your grocery bag has any printing on it, make sure that this printing will end up on the inside of your project.) Wait until your glue is dry, then recut your project along the same pinked lines to make the back equal to the front.

    Now you need to stuff your project to give it a more dimensional look. This will take a very small amount of stuffing, use a pencil or some other long skinny tool, to poke the stuffing around inside of the ornament to make it distribute evenly.

    Now cut a piece of jute, fishing line or string, and tie it into a large loop. Place the knot into the opening left in the ornament and glue the opening closed, this will be your hanger for your ornament.

    After this glue dries it is now time to add any other decorations to your ornament that you desire. Bits of artificial greenery, bows, glittery trim work well as an added touch to these ornaments. Also if you have made a Santa or an Angel, you can use purchased doll hair to add more dimension to this project. Just glue the doll hair in the place where you would have added fabric hair.

    These are fairly simple to make, and while you may need to help children with the ironing part, it is a great project for children. Also they will be proud to display their work on your Christmas Tree for everyone to see. So next time the packer at the grocery store asks you if you want paper or plastic, be sure to tell them “paper”.

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    Sounds cute!

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