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    Default Gift Closet Inventory...

    What have you got and what do you need before Christmas? I know it's early, but if I don't start now, I won't have time to make everything.

    ~ tea light lantern - blue old style/like a carriage lantern
    ~ tea light lantern - clear modern
    ~ 2 dishtowels with crocheted tops for Mom?
    ~ 2 coasters quilted
    ~ 1 hardanger doilie- for Mom? She likes things I've made.
    ~ 1 crazy patchwork mat (14" square)
    ~ 1 rug hooked trivet - Christmas theme - goes to dd#2
    ~ cool fridge magnets (1 box)
    ~ "Music Mazes and Puzzles" Book 1 and book 2
    ~ a bag of milk body products. The bag is falling to pieces so I think I'll make a new one. I think this will go to another neice down east.
    ~ good cotton dishtowel
    ~ 5 copies of "A Prairie Alphabet", and no little kids to give it to!
    ~ "Our Family History" book for a nephew and neice-in-law.
    ~ a picture frame I might put family pictures in to give to Dad.
    ~ "Newfoundland Homestyle Muffins and Quick Breads"
    ~ pink, purple, variegated scarf for another neice in B.C.
    ~ 3 balaclava hats (knit) for kids. Noone to give those to either!
    ~ 1 knit hat for adult. Maybe dsis#2.
    ~ 2 knit headbands for kids.
    ~ 6 hair scrunchies. Noone has long hair anymore.
    ~ tempera paints and paintbrushes for one of my neices.
    ~ toy train for very young boy. Noone in the family for that yet.
    ~ votive candles
    ~ antibacterial hand gel

    What I'm short is gifts for the men and boys. Seems I always have problems buying for them. Any ideas? I have 3 men and 5 'boys' between 18-25 to get gifts for.


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    Oh, mine is so bare. DD has been getting in there and pulling out stuff left and right. Time to move the gift closet, I guess.

    I have a penguin cookie jar for MIL, who loves and collects penguins.
    I also have some penguin ornaments.
    I have a Coca-Cola tin/bank for DH, who collects the like.
    I have sports-themed ornaments for him.
    I have two angel ornaments for my two sisters.
    I have 5 or 6 bath gift sets.
    I just picked up an Ice Age 2 play set for dd yesterday. She saw it, the stinky little thing (what little kid sitting in the cart actually looks at the shelf under the cart???) but I put it away and since she is 3, she believed me when I fibbed and said it was for her cousin. (Who I bought one for on clearance at $15 a few months ago- got it yesterday for only $5.)
    I have some baby things in there for my soon-to-be new niece.
    I have one Barbie doll.

    I'm not sure what else is in there- that is all I can remember off the top of my head, but I know there are a few lesser gifts in there. Tons of Easter goodies I got really for a great deal. I'll also be adding the newest Avon fragrance of shower gel soon- reps are going to get an unbeatable (and I really mean that literally) price and there is no limit, so I will be stocking up big-time.

    I haven't made any gifts yets- well, I take that back. I know ther are some bookmarks in there that I made, and probably a couple other small things, but that's all. Haven't come up with any ideas for making things yet this year....

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    I have:
    ~a Spy Kids DVD for a niece for Christmas
    ~Annie DVD for a niece for Christmas
    ~Hello Kitty DVD for a niece and another one for cousin's kid
    ~a Luke Skywalker in a Landspeeder for cousin's other kid
    ~a super-cute pair of pajamas for my sister
    ~I think I have some board books stashed away for baby showers
    ~some scented candles for last-minute gifts, but I'll use them myself if I don't need them for someone else
    ~a cool, complicated mosaic coloring book as part of a niece's birthday gift

    I think that's it so far. I'll still need another DVD for oldest niece (my sister's kid). I've bought nothing so far for DH's niece, who will be 15 this year, but someone here gave an awesome link for Free Silver Jewelry, where you just pay $5.99 shipping. I've been watching that, and I'll probably order something cool for her from there for one of her gifts.

    Nothing for parents or in-laws yet. They're always hard to buy for. I'll buy gifts for my friends in London this year. They'll receive very nice gifts because they're all staying home for Christmas to take care of our cats. (We've never gone out of town for Christmas before, so I'm usually the catsitter.) Couldn't ask for better friends!

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    ~ wallet set -- wallet, note book, key chain. ('s youngest sister)
    ~ heavy winter coat with furry lining (friend from back home)
    ~ shot-glass tic-tac-toe set (brother's roommate/friend)
    ~ entire set of "Peter Rabbit" books (friend's older daughter)
    ~ 4 Teletubbie toys (friend from home's son)
    ~ knock-off Cabbage patch doll (friend from home's daughter)
    ~ bathrobe and slippers, kid's size (not sure yet)
    ~ Winnie the Pooh stuffed toy (friend's expected baby)
    ~ small gold star fish necklace charm (possibly 's older sister)
    ~ eagle earrings ('s mom)
    ~ pretty black purse (possibly 's older sister or my mom)

    Trying to think of what else found itself in there!

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