Question: Chenille vs. Microfiber
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    Default Question: Chenille vs. Microfiber

    I am attempting to make a decision on new couches. I have essentially picked out the same couch, without realizing it, at 2 seperate locations. The difference is the fabric and color. So my question/questions is/are....

    How do these 2 fabrics hold up???
    Which one is better for long term wear and tear with 2 boys and pets???
    Which is easier to clean???
    Does microfiber end up getting "flat" and "slick"???

    I don't currently own anything made out of either fabric. Another villager alreasy psted for me on another thread that the microfiber does wonderful with the cat hair. Anyone else want to chime in on the pet hair thing???


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    My mom and dad got a micro fiber sofa in a medium grey color. The fabric has been easy to clean BUT it shows 'marks' all the time. Like when the dog gets up there on it, footprints, or when you sit on it, sort of a butt print You can easily take your hand and 'wipe' away the marks but my mother found it very annoying.......As for chenille I don't have any experience but my first thought is it wouldn't wear so well with children. Jmho. Hth.

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    My dh and I bought a brand new couch and loveseat set this spring. It is a tan microfiber and I absolutely love it. We have 2 kids and a 100 lb dog. The dog is however NOT allowed on our furniture. The microfiber is suppose to just as good at leather when it comes to cleaning and durability. I agree with PrairerRose that footprints or other images will show up, but all you have to do is wipe the fabric and they are gone. I absolutely love my microfiber set and if we ever have to buy new furniture again I will get microfiber then too. My SIL has a microfiber couch that they've have for almost 4 years, and it still looks brand new, even after what her 2 boys have spilled on it.

    Good Luck with your decision. I know when we were furniture shopping it was a very tough decision what type of fabric to get with our dog.

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    I don't know about chenille, but if you have pets you have to have microfiber! It is wonderful, dog and cat hair comes right off, none of that hair that gets stuck like a needle all through the material. We bought our sectional last year and it still looks like brand new. Now we did pay an additional $100 and got an insurance plan that covers the couch for 5 years it pays for any stains, rips, burns, etc. We've had the couch cleaned probably 6 times since we've had it for free. But the couch cleaner told me that once the insurance is up he said to spot clean with plain rubbing alcohol and a clean white cloth so you don't get water spots and for full surface cleaning he said use regular solution and water and just make sure that it is wet evenly from seam to seam so you don't have water marks. Every piece of furniture that I buy from now on will be microfiber.

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