reupholstering furniture yourself?
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    Default reupholstering furniture yourself?

    I have couch I would like to reupholster. It is antique, and worth having done. The frame is in good condition, but it will need a complete rebuild from the frame up. Do any of you have experience with reupholstering? Any suggestions for a book that would be helpful?
    (I did reupholster a simple couch a long time ago, but that didn't involve redoing everything.)

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    Ooh sounds fun if you're good at it? My sister has a 'lady' that does her garage sale finds that she turns into the modern looking furniture you find now. I do agree its worth it b/c they don't make quality furniture now like they used to.

    Have you priced it out to see how much it would cost? This may be a better project to have a professional do it. There seems to always be a kiosk at the mall offering this service with a 50% off sign. Maybe ask them for a quote?

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