Redecorating a Room
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    Default Redecorating a Room

    My home is very primitive americana. Sometime I just get bored with the way things look. And on a frugal budget you just can't go out and buy new things for your home. So what I do when it gets boring to me, I raid the other rooms and change things around. My husband swears I've been shopping!! I even move the furniture from room to room and you would be surprise what a coat of paint will do to an old piece of furniture. I love trying new things and I try to keep things in grouping and interesting. I had a lady in my home a few months back that said i should just put tags on my stuff and have a primitive store!! You can find great primitive for a little bit of money if you want to shop around or go to auctions. But I do love changing the rooms around with what I have. I just feel so much better and don't have the guilt of shopping for things I don't need.

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    I love country primitive myself and I do the same thing with rearranging things, it makes a big difference and yep we've been shopping... within the other rooms of our home

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    I do the same thing Kathy. I get lots and lots of compliments on my home and most of the time the things I have I've had for ages or got it for a song and spruced it up. It's a lot of fun to freshen things up a bit for nothing.....

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