Need Drapery suggestions.
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    Default Need Drapery suggestions.

    I have a large almost floor to ceiling picture window in the living/dining room, I never put any curtains or drapes on the picture window becasue it is on the side of the house and faces a beautiful wooded area between us and the neighoring house. It is visible from the street.
    Now here is my dilemma. I want to put something up on this window to conserve heat and keep out drafts. I have looked at insulated curtains, and cant get past the foam backing. I have thought about putting a second set window sheers behind the insulated curtains to cover the foam backing. That gets expensive since I would need at least 4 panels of everything.
    Putting plastic is not an option, dh would never let me do that.
    Any suggestions????????

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    Default There's an Ikea panel that's almost sheer that's reallly

    cheap ($4.99) for two, Lill. Would that work?


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    have you thought about useing sheets and quilting them to make drapes...

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