DeClutter the Refrigerator Door
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    Default DeClutter the Refrigerator Door

    My fridge door is a mish-mosh of papers, lists, and alphabet magnets. The alphabet magnets are staying, but the rest of it makes me a little crazy. I just found this tip in another of my favorite books Cut the Clutter and Stow the Stuff by Lori Baird.

    "In many kitchens, the outside of the refrigerator looks as cluttered and messy as the inside. Why? Because the refrigerator door seems to be the one place where everyone is sure to want to hang something-school or vacation photos, a calendar, the grocery list, the phone numbers for take-out pizza and Chinese food, and so on. Does your fridge door have some (or all) of these items, hanging on for dear life by magnets and clips? If so, take it all down. Give the door a good cleaning with warm, soapy water and towel it dry.
    Now take a look at all the stuff you removed from the door. Are there better places to store some of it? If so, set it aside. Can some of it be thrown away because it's outdated? Then put it in the trash. Pare down until you have as little as possible left to put back up on the fridge. Then arrange the items in a pleasing (and logical) order on the door."

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    Great idea! I was just looking at the mess on my fridge door the other day thinking that something HAS to be done about it1 Thanks!

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    I just decluttered mine a couple of weekends ago. The difference in the kitchen as a whole was amazing.

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