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    Default 80/20 Rule

    Another idea I've come across while re-reading Organizing from the Inside Out by Julie Morgenstern is the 80/20 Principle. Basically she states that we only use about 20% of what we actually own. The other 80% is stuff that we used to use, think we should use, or think we might someday use.

    Today, I am going to walk around my house and identify my 20%. I'm then going to take a hard look at the other 80% and find a way to get rid of it, whether it is taking it to the consignment shop, donating it to the Salvation Army, or dumping it in the trash. I'm really devoted to the idea of not moving anything to the new house that wasn't an essential in this one.

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    That 80 20 rule is wonderful. I've used it in the past to help me figure out why it's not productive to try to clean "perfectly" or get the "perfect" savings on the budget.

    Aiming for an 80% improvement for the first 20% of effort really makes a difference. Using up a remaining whopping 80% of effort to chase that last 20% improvement to make it "perfect" uses up too much effort.

    I haven't used it yet in looking at the things in my house, but I expect I shall find that quite a useful application of that rule.

    Probably you could say that 80% of the effort, is spent looking after that 80% of junk items

    and if you just pared it down, you'd be using only 20% of the effort to look after the remaining 20%.

    For anybody worried about going too minimalist, just consider storing stuff in out of season boxes (clear plastic is easy to see contents).

    That way you remove the 80% out of the main living areas keeping them free and clear for easy cleaning and you get to "try it out" before letting go and paring down.

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