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    Default stove cleaning tips

    Stove Top Cleaning: Most stovetops can be washed down with hot water and
    reg. detergent. But for those hard-to-clean spills both on the range
    surface and the chrome and stainless steel parts, use a little baking soda
    and water. Simply apply a smooth paste to the area, leave on for about 5 -
    10 minutes then wipe off with a soft cloth. Rinse with white vinegar and
    water solution.

    Another good way to get your oven top clean is to mix equal part warm water
    and ammonia. Apply, wait 30 seconds then rub as necessary.

    Rubbin alcohol can also bring a nice shine to your stove tops.

    To clean and shine those messy chrome burner trim-rings, rub well with a
    paste of vinegar and cream of tartar.

    Stove BUrner Drip-Pans: for a quick way to clean burner drip pans and rings,
    add them to your next dishwasher cycle. And for stubborn stains on
    drip-trys, place an ammonia-soaked cloth in it and leave it overnight. Wash
    off well with dish soap and water.

    Oven spills: sprinkle with a mixture of 1 part cinnamon and 6 parts table
    salt. When the ove is cool, wipe up the mixture. Not only will it absorb the
    spill but it will help remove the burnt food odor.

    To dislodge baked on spills, apply a paste of baking soda ( or borax) and
    water. Sometimes a little elbow grase is necessary.Or for stubborn deposits,
    place a shallow oven-safe dish of ammonia on the upper rack and a pan of
    water on the lower rack of a still hot oven. Leave overnight. Air oven and
    wipe grease away with an all-purpose cleaner and some warm water. The is a
    very inexpensive way of oven cleaniing.

    Oven racks: Place the racks in a garbage bag and throw in an ammonia-soaked cloth. Seal tightly and leave outside overnight. Wash down well with soap and water the next day.

    Oven trays: prevention is better than the cure. Add a small amt. of water to
    your trays when baking or broiling. This could save a lot of time when it
    comes to cleaning them. Or cover the bottom of the pan with aluminum foil.
    This works also for the bottom of your oven too!! OVen trays and pans
    should be dried well after washing to prevent reuting. Pop them in a warm
    oven to dry them really well.

    Oven Window's: for the brown-stained window, make a thick past of water and
    baking sode. Coat the inside of the window well with the mixture, leave on
    for 10 - 15 minutes or until completely dry and then scour off with clean

    source: Haley's Hints

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    Thanks Sara. (have you been looking at my stove????)

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    Wondering that same thing too. Around here when the males cook, they cook everything on high so it cooks fast. What is it about men and instant gratification anyway? They cook on stains that take so much elbow grease to get off it just cant be done on a regular basis. I am going to try this. I love Haley's hints.

    Did you find an online source for his hints Sara?

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    I was thinking the same thing!

    Thanks Sara.

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