Christmas Challenge
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    Thumbs up Christmas Challenge

    Ok girls! Here it is

    What are your goals $$ wise?
    Are you going to set it per person, or one set amount in general?

    What are your goals time wise?
    Are you going to work on this each day a little, or in big lumps on weekends or days off etc..?

    And what different projects are you all working on?
    Christmas cards or christmas letters?
    Baking for people, or buying store bought food to make it looked homemade (j/k but i really do that sometimes, hehehe)
    Store bought or homemade gifts?
    Homemade cards?
    Family pictures being sent out? Or just ones of the children?

    phew! i'm tired just making this post!

    I need to think about it before I know what I'll be doing.

    Did I leave anything out?

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    Oops! I started a thread like this in the Holiday section! LOL

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    Dh and I set a specific $$ amount each year that we will spend on one another. We also set a $$ amount for ds.

    I am completely finished shopping for ds's gifts and just have a bit more to go on ds's stocking.

    I am almost finished with dh's gifts and haven't gotten anything for his stocking.

    My goal is to be finished with all purchases for the two of them by Nov. 15th.

    For our nieces and nephews we do $10 each and we give them gift cards. I am not sure when I will get those, but it will be before Thanksgiving.

    I would also love to have all packages mailed out before Thanksgiving (4 packages).

    I already have all our Christmas cards purchased (after Christmas sales last year) and will sit down to sign and address them soon. They will be mailed out immediately after Thanksgiving.

    I am making ornaments for ds's preschool and Sunday School teachers and our friends. I just finished up all the sequined ornaments tonight (24 in all) and have completed 4 potpourri ornaments (8 more to go). My goal is to have all of those completed by Nov. 15th.

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    oh shoot betsy! I'm a ditz tonight
    lol, or were we posting at about the same time

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