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    Default Preschool/Kindergarten challenge group

    Are any of you interested in joining me for an online preschool "group" of sorts? I so often struggle to purposefully interact with my kids. So during this upcoming school year I am going to try and do a few small activities a day following a theme each week. I am hoping that some of you, as moms of preschoolers, might be willing to "partner" with me. Keep me accountable. Ask me how often I send my kids to the other room to "play out of my hair" or turn on Dora... ask me if I am interacting with my kids AND help share ideas for new ways to interact and ways to learn.

    Anyone else want accountability or weekly challenges goals to help motivate you (and me) to interact with your kids?

    Here is this week's list of activities to get you thinking.

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    i need to work on POSITIVE interaction with my kindergartner, sometimes i feel like im so busy telling him to clean up or get dressed or take a bath that i never get to spend any time with him so i need to work on that more each day

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    Sure, I'll play. I have a kindergartner. I'm using Letter of the Week for ideas. I don't do them all but I'm not terribly imaginative so it helps.

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