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    Default Home projects challenge

    Has anyone started this one yet? I'm talking about all those things on the to-do list for home improvement.

    We've been remodeling our kitchen and have the bulk of the work done now, but have to keep our focus so we can start working through the littler stuff now.

    We still have to:

    Add dividers and shelf to baking pan cabinet.
    Make tile backsplash.
    Paint kitchen.
    Install trim on island and other places.
    Make and install shelf/pot rack over sink.
    Make and install shelves in cabinets for canning jars.
    Install stove hood.
    Move stove duct from roof to wall.
    Wire dedicated outlet for microwave.

    For starters.

    There are related projects, too.

    Putting three of the old cabinets up on a wall in the sewing room.
    Cutting down counter and installing old island in cabin.
    Rebuilding old drawer base for installation in cabin.

    And then unrelated things:

    Modify and install cabinet by side door.
    Modify cabinets in cabin for use in master bathroom.
    Strip and refinish same.
    Start building new deer-proof garden area for perennial garden.

    You get the idea.

    So far on the kitchen project, we've broken things down into a series of small projects, rather than looking at it in total. It's helped us a lot not to get overwhelmed, which in the past has stopped us in our tracks. We plan to continue doing this with the kitchen project and other big projects we have. Therefore, every little thing counts!

    Anyone up for the challenge of completing 45 small home projects or home repairs before the end of the year, about one per week?

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    i changed a small bar area in our family room from a tiki bar design ( which i did a few years ago one summer but apparently was the ony one who liked it ) to a Phillies ( MLB team) themed bar which we all love the phillies

    spent total 60 $ on :
    a large flag ( kind used outside house ) wall items- place mats
    and some other decor for the wall from a sports store and some baseball themed items from the party store .
    came out nice and everyone likes it )
    and since our family room has game room theme with board games on the walls and around the fireplace mantle is all the kids sports trophies etc the Phillies theme does fit better .

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    We are getting ready to start a new home in the next month so we have been getting this one ready to sale. Our kitchen is now completely redone on a tight budget. The final thing was new counter tops.

    Next we are starting on a few outside projects. The back deck needs to boards on the railing replaced and then we'll paint the whole thing. It won't be an easy one since it is so big. Another smaller one is to replace a few landscape pieces.

    After we move out we have one bedroom that we need to get the popcorn ceiling down, sand and paint it and paint over the mural on my sons walls. Also put up crown molding. Also plan on doing some painting in the laundry/bathroom and dh's workroom in the basement. Then put it on the market.

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