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    Default just moved - getting organized

    I'm very new here, and not sure where to post this thread, but this looks like a good spot.
    My husband and I moved into a larger home this past sunday. I have a need/want/desire to keep this place clean and organized. I want to change old habits of "just put it there, and I'll put it away later" syndrome. I am very determined, but am not sure how to make all this happen. Any and all ideas would be appreciated.
    I have never had such a want to change my organizational skills this much. I just feel it would take stress out of my life to "get it together." This is my biggest reason for joining FV. Thanks.

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    ooooh larger spaces are much more fun than smaller ones, ha!

    Personally I like rubbermaid totes with lids for things that don't have an exact home just yet. They are stackable, don't rip and tear like boxes, you can easily carry them to another room once you determine a tote full of stuff for one specific room.

    For instance, label one Kitchen and if you are unpacking a different box and find a random kitchen item, put it in the tote rather than walking it all the way back to the kitchen. Then, before you leave the room you were working in, grab the totes and put them in their appropriate other rooms.

    I have a tote by the stairs for things that go to the basement. Then when I have to go to the basement for laundry I make myself grab the tote, and after laundry is switched I empty the tote, putting things in the correct places in the basement. It looks better than things piled on top of the stairs or on top of each other on the floor next to the stairs.

    Put really big labels on the totes so anyone can see where it goes. If hubby says "I'm going to hop on the computer.." in the spare bedroom you can say "hey will you please grab that Computer Room tote?"

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