Clean House Challenge 1/10
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    Default Clean House Challenge 1/10

    Heather wins the prize for cleanest kitchen yesterday-lol Great job!!!

    How's that linen closet? Is everything department store straight? What items are lurking there that do not belong! Get rid of them! Set your timer to move faster.

    Is your laundry area straight? Stuff all over the top of the dryer, stray socks with no mates, coins, fuzz and plain old junk. Clean it off and wipe your dryer down with the cleaner of your choice.

    Take an inventory of your toiletries. Is there anything getting low, are you out of something? What about half used bottles of shampoo that someone didn't like? It's cluttering up your home! Get rid of it!! Now's the time to make a list and watch for those sales!

    Good luck ladies!

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    Well, I did this. There wasn't much to do as it was all pretty straight. I did scrub my shower curtain liner after checking the shampoo and seeing how filthy it was! Wow, I never noticed it before!

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    oh wow never thought i'd hear my name and cleanest kitchen prize in the same sentence before

    I got SO much done because of this challenge!!! Since I was taking inventory, I started cleaning out my under the bathroom sink cabinet that was my WORST area of the house!! we really need to get shelves to take advantage of it's space, but for now I made a makeshift one out of four hair spray bottles and a large flat eyeshadow box.
    It's sooo NICE there now, i even have it in sections, my side, dh's side, and in the middle I have all the cleaning/soap products!

    Ok, THEN I also ended up cleaning out that one side of the closet that we just started tossing things looked horrrrrible and now I am proud to say it's clean/decluttered and very neat looking!

    The linen closet which is really mostly a storage closet for my cleaning/laundry/toilettries/ as well, was in desperate need of help, it's all back to it's previously organized self, BUT I also cleared off TWO shelves with my decluttering!! One I am using to store crafts/sheets/and my curler set..
    The second shelf I cleared up, I now have as my gift 'closet' So far it's just got batteries, tape, ribbon and some blank cards ...but I hope to start filling it up with gifts soon! I *could use some of my toilettries for filling up a gift basket if I ever do something like that though

    I didn't really find anything I need that I didn't already have on my shopping list, but I did toss a bunch of old old facial stuff that had solidified they were so old

    ok, lets bring on the next challenge
    (do we wait till next monday now?)

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