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    Default Oust the Inbox challenge

    Unsubscribe from 1 (or more) Retail Email Lists to Save Money and Time.

    This action can save you money and time.By unsubscribing from the email list you’re less likely to buy something you don’t need and in turn will save money. Just as important as saving money is that by unsubscribing from an email list you’re saving time. Every time you get an email from a retailer you’re spending seconds looking at the email and then ten (or more) minutes browsing the website. Unsubscribe from the email and you’ll get this time back in your day.

    To unsubscribe, just search through your email for the retailer’s name or advertising emails as they appear. Under the CANSPAM Act the retailer is required to tell you how to unsubscribe from their email list – usually in a link at the very bottom of the email. Just click the link and follow that retailer’s instructions to unsubscribe.
    To unsubscribe from 1 (or more) email list it will take you 5 minutes, tops.

    Reply and let us know how many items you have subscribed from and also come back and let us know if/ or how much of difference it makes in your email checking routine.

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    I have one email address...in fact I think the very first one... that gets totally slammed. I rarely go into it but don't want to get rid of it. Some days ( not often ) when I'm really bored I go in and delete then on REALLY bored days I'll take the time to unsubscribe. Many many times there will be THOUSANDS.
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    Just unsubscribed to 20 sites. I unsubscribe every couple months and delete the folders frequently.

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