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    Frugalfanny, you're doing great! You've really motivated me. I'm on again - off again with organization. I have a binder I use for home organization, but it's not near as comprehensive as yours. I think I'll add some stuff to it, thanks to your list!

    My recent activities? Last night when I discovered this board I got all excited and checked some of the links to other declutttering websites. That motivated me to make a start...with the computer desk. It took me half an hour to deep clean it, and I'm still not done. Purged files in the file drawer and cleared off the top...that's it.

    Dh and dd#2 have a lot of loose floppies and cds they need to clean up and put away. I gave them the lecture. Also I want them to go through the computer manuals. I don't think they've been purged in the 10 years and 2 computers we've gone through.

    This morning I was motivated to 'catch-up' with you all. I did a deep clean of the front entryway area. Had dh and dd#2 go through their stuff and tell me what fits and what doesn't and what they want to keep. Ended up with a big black garbage bag of stuff for goodwill, and a couple of small garbage bags of garbage.

    Also took down Christmas, which created a lot of room in the house. Went through the boxes of Christmas decos and threw some stuff out. Talked to dh about getting a small artificial tree next year and really cutting back on stuff. We'll see.

    Showed dh a list I'd made last year of the furniture I'd like to keep and what I'd like to get rid of. He's in agreement about getting rid of the piano and redoing the sewing unit. We're looking at options for the TV. We really need to get rid of massive amounts of furniture AND the stuff that's stored on it. The latter will be my main focus this year.

    While I'm in the mood, I'm also doing laundry.LOL


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    My goal is to have a company-ready house (even if we don't get a lot of company). As well, with DH being in the army, moving is a part of our life. The less stuff we have to move, the better!

    What is stopping me: my 2 kids are packrats--they keep every little piece of paper, broken toys, etc. I try to keep them on top of it, but they don't really like that idea! I'm also a disorganized person, and get distracted fairly easily, so I start one task, and end up doing something else. I really have to learn to stick to one thing at a time!!

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