LED's as grow lamps. Scam?
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    Default LED's as grow lamps. Scam?

    LED's as grow lamps.
    There seems to be an influx of propaganda propagating LED's as grow lamps. There is much sales hype that cannot withstand scrutiny. Most of the pictures on the Internet are most misleading. The have neither the spectrum nor the intensity to be effective.

    Is there any meaningful research ongoing regarding these lamps? Apparently there are now some high intensity lamps available, and if efficient they may be an improvement of the various high wattage lamps now in use. I am very skeptical about the claims of the sellers.

    LED is light emitting diodes. They have been around for years mostly used as indicator lamps on electronic equipment , since they don't burn out, and emit little heat.

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    What few reviews I have seen have been from people involved in *ahem* alternative gardening. So take that for what you will, there were reports of thicker stems and less space between leaves after switching to LED.

    GreenPineLane (LEGAL gardening) seems to offer some insights to the pros and cons of LEDs, as well as photos.

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    I have high-output LEDs on my reef tank (aquarium) and it grows live corals prolifically, along with macro algae, so I have no problem believing they could be used to grow terrestrial plants, as well. They're amazingly energy efficient, they last almost forever without shifting color spectrum, and they run so much cooler than any other type of lighting. It's exciting they are making them in so many different types for varied uses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OOwl View Post
    I have high-output LEDs on my reef tank (aquarium) and it grows live corals prolifically, ...
    Same here. DH uses them on his tank. They are not cheap, however, probably not an economical source for the average home gardener.
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