UGH - mushrooms!!!
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    Thumbs down UGH - mushrooms!!!

    On one side of our home is a spot where a garden was with who knows what before we got here. The lady who lived here wasn't much of a gardener. Last year I planted tomatoes there and they weren't all that successful, but did produce some.

    I decided this year to make it into a perennial garden and I've planted poppies, lilies, lavendar and Johnny popups there.

    Yesterday I went outside and saw this huge what thing popping up. It actually looked like a baseball and I pulled it out. It was a huge mushroom. I show the kids and thought it was pretty neat. I don't have a clue to mushrooms, so I didn't eat it!!

    Well this morning I go outside to check my perennials and one of my poppies are "popped out" of the garden. They were doing so well. I thought the stray cats had gotten into it. Nope another huge mushroom.

    Help, what do I do now? We've had so much rain, but there are no mushrooms on the lawn, like there usually is and they are usually so small you can barely see them.

    Anyone else have this type of problem?

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    I really know very little about them or controlling them..... I do know that some are VERY TOXIC ! Even pulling them up can be dangerous, they release spores that are harmful to breath. Be careful removing them.....

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    Not sure if this recipie works on all mushrooms, but here's one I found to combat the ones in your lawn:

    1 cup baby shampoo
    1 cup Listerine
    1 cup ammonia

    Mix ingredients in a 20 gallon hose end sprayer. Sprinkle powder laundry detergent on affeced area, then overspray with the mixture until the water starts to run off.

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