Anybody thinking about next year's garden yet?
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    Default Anybody thinking about next year's garden yet?

    Anybody thinking about next year's garden yet? Seed catalogs are starting to arrive here. Are you going to grow the same things? Try new things?
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    I hadn't thought about it much yet, being obsessed with sewing lately. But I'm hoping Husby will be home full time next year. We have a lot of construction to do in our garden, which I hope we can start to work on early in the spring. I do plan to revamp the furniture in the greenhouse and try to get the window installed so we can grow tomatoes in there all summer. I think our climate is just too cold for tomatoes to do well here outside.

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    Not really yet. Although I did stop into the garden yesterday to drop off stuff for the compost bin.

    They also planted some trees on the far side of the garden yesterday. The garden coordinator mentioned the scouts were going to make a small orchard of fruit trees as a project. I hope they actually used the dwarf sized trees (as was told to the garden coordinator). I think the smaller sized trees should be easier to pick and care for (being smaller).

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    LOL! I bought a little herb garden seed kit at thrift so I can plant a little winter herb garden in my new office (it will have a better sunnier window) when we move in the next month or so. I also keep hoping the ground will thaw a bit so I can till up bits of the newer garden beds.

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