Doggone city folks!!
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    Default Doggone city folks!!

    More and more "city folks" are moving to the hinterlands to get away from the high crime rates and general rat race of the cities....and then they completely overlook the "other" benefits of rural/country living!! The don't put in a garden, they don 't fish, they don't hunt! While they are eating $3.50/lb ground beef, I am munching on a 15 cent Ground Hog Burger, cost including the bun and condiments! While they are paying 70 cents each for bell peppers, I'm picking them from my garden for less than a penny each. While they are paying $6.00 for frozen tilapia fillets, I'm eating fresh catfish fillets from the stream or pond for pennies.

    I know I'm preaching to the choir for "country folks," but for those who DON'T have gardens, fish, or hunt, you really ought to get with the program. You'll save hundreds of dollars at the least, and a couple thousand yearly, if you really get into it. Meat is the "biggie money saver." With ground beef at $3.00/lb and up, and steaks at $12-15/lb, pork chops at $6/lb, etc., wild game looks pretty darn good for PENNIES a pound!! Squirrels, rabbits, groundhogs, muskrat, raccoons, wild hog, deer, and black bear are all "on the menu," for pennies a pound. And it doesn't cost an arm and a leg for ammo. I can take down anything short of a full grown hog, deer, or bear, with a .22 cal air rifle, the pellets for which are about $6 for 250, or less if I buy in bulk. I do use the regular rifle or shotgun for full grown hogs, deer, or bear, but even there the shells are not gonna break the bank. Yes, it takes a little "labor" to gut, skin and butcher them, but we're talking cost's well worth it, and many times you can barter off part of the meat in return for butchering services.

    So, don't overlook the obvious...a simple garden, and some judicious hunting/fishing can save you a ton of dollars.

    Another thing that can save a good bit is planned shopping for high calorie/high protein foods, protein powder, REAL butter, and the key word is "planned." A simple can of tomato soup (120 calories/2 gm protein) can be transformed by just adding a quarter scoop of protein powder, a tablespoon of real butter, into a 250 calorie/12 gm protein soup. A can of protein powder is $20, lasts all month. A "chunky chili-mac" soup is 430 calories/20+ gm protein, and with a grilled bologna & cheese sandwich (360 calories/20 gm protein) provides a total of 790 calories/40+ gm protein meal. I use a weekly menu planner to prepare a 3,000 calorie/80 gm protein daily intake minimum (I'm fairly active), using a combination of store-bought foods and wild game/garden foods, plus a one-a-day vitamin/mineral pill. PLANNING, and then "sticking to the plan" is the name of the game. A plan does you no good if you don't stick to it!!

    Think outside the box...think "cheap," and then figure out what is actually the "cheapest!"

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    Just a little comment from one of the "doggone city folk." I do not generally post on this thread, but this caught my eye.

    There is a good chance they are still commuting to the big city every weekday for work. Because that is where the jobs are.

    I actually live in the "near suburbs" of DC and my commute is pretty bad. People who live further out have commutes that are worse than mine. A two hour commute - each way - is not unusual around here. So the city folk might be spending four hours a day commuting in addition to working a full day. This is with both people in the couple working.

    Weekends are catch up on chores time since there is not time to do them on a week day.

    There really is not much time for gardening, hunting, fishing, etc.

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    Some of us live where there is real winter and very poor, rocky soil, where gardening is very difficult and expensive. It's not as simple here as just planting seeds in the ground and harvesting later. We also live in the woods and have all kinds of critters that want to eat our gardens.

    As I look out at the lake, it's still covered in ice that's so punky it's not safe to walk on, so no fishing, so that's not an option at the moment.

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    SD: indeed. I have a garden in, but it's still freezing at night. I'd like to hunt, but do not yet have access to safe areas to do it (ones without other hunters who take "sound shots") and I work in town which takes a bite out of my day. we do what we can and what we choose. Fishing...I'd love to do more...and yet we have warning signs about fish contaminated with heavy metals to the point they aren't safe to eat in any real quanity that would save me $$/effort.

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