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    Alpine Access contracts with major companies like Blackberry, GAP, Bana Rep, Old Navy, Lowes, Sprint, and others for customer service and tech support. 100% work from home and a reliable employer, I should know. Pay isn't top notch but 1) nothing is right now and 2) add $1 or 2/hr w/o a commute.
    If you have any specific questions, please pm.

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    How legit is this company? Can you make decent money??

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    Alpine Access is completely legit. I researched them and applied to both them and West at Home. As it turned out West ws the one hiring in my area at the time. You need a good computer, a dedicated phone line with a headset (they're not too expensive from Office Depot or Staples or walamart) and that's really it. Have a thick skin. There were some doozies of phone calls when I worked for west. But it's good work, and paid regularly. I don't remember with AA, but with WAH I got an hourly wage, and could work what hours i wanted, and there were bonus opportunities and etc. plus paid training too. the work is basically fielding calls for products, entering in the customer information. pretty straightforward stuff.

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    I agree, AA is a legit company. I have done several work-from-home call center jobs but AA wasn't hiring in my state.

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