For those of you who are looking for employment, there are tons of jobs in the telecom industry. I know my company at the moment is begging for more workers of all skill sets.

When I say telecom, I'm talking about Verizon, ATT, and vendors that sell tower services and connectivity services to these phone providers. Essentially, as long as you have some aptitude with a computer, then you're qualified.

Most jobs deal with people troubleshooting service issues. For example, when a cell phone tower gets struck by lightening. There is a technician that monitors these outages and another tech that goes to the site and fixes the issue. It is A LOT less technical than you would think.

Anyways, most jobs starting at the bottom level do not require experience and training is provided. The tech usually earns around $10/hr to start and then up to around $20.
Once you get trained (this takes around 5+ years; there are qualifications you can go for, too), your pay jumps to around $60,000 and up. Our more senior techs make at least $75,000.

With 4G LTE technology now, the demand for cell phone service keeps rising. At my work, they're starting to talk about 5G already! Anyways, this industry is not going away and keeps growing. It seems like there are more job opening every day!