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    I think attitude is pretty important. For most of my adult life I have tried to always think "how can I make the best of this."

    I have gone through some times where the circumstances were pretty bad. I always tried to think how could I make this better. How could I make this less bad.

    Well maybe not always, but at least most of the time.

    Even if the situation is beyond my control, I can still do some things to make it a little better for myself, a little easier to deal with.

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    I learned that by going with my heart instead of my brain, and paying off my mortgage years ago as opposed to investing, may have been the right idea at the moment. While things could change, and investments could continue to have the long-term advantage, I'm glad I don't have the stress of making sure I made my house payments on time.

    I've learned that some people I thought were relatively normal are actually pretty unhinged. I'm not talking about disagreements over things, I'm talking about raging conspiracy theories over easily-proven facts.

    I've learned that my family is more adaptable than we initially thought. Teaching a delayed kindergartner from home, IEPs included, has been a challenge that both my wife and son have powered through. My 4 year old daughter hasn't really had her life uprooted a whole lot.

    I've learned that while there are benefits to working from home, I would still rather go to the office.

    I've learned that pressure canning, buying in bulk (pre-covid), cooking at home 99% of the time, knowing what to do with scraps and stretching every part of a food item, have all helped us to maintain a pretty good and varied diet without wasting much. I don't really buy in bulk right now, even though it's available, simply to make sure there is something there for people who finally made it to the store.

    I've also learned that by not being able to shop the deals as often, or been able to peruse the clearance aisle once or twice a week, my food costs have increased.

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    I have learned that I can rely on my skills. It was kind of a test run.
    I always have enough food, hygiene items, water, ... at home.
    I can bake, cook, sew a lot. I have fruit and vegetables in the garden and homemade preserves in the basement.
    Life in the country is easier in the event of a crisis than in the city.
    Best regards, miteigenenhaenden

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