We're not sure what we are going to do in terms of a party, she wants a sleepover, but she's having a hard time at who to choose..lol.

Now for her gift, I'm stuck. We budget gift monies for each child. I'm *thinking* I want to book her at a salon and get a nice cut done, she goes to junior high next year, so she needs a little direction on how to do her own hair. And then go clothing shopping. I want to do THAT in 2 parts. One now for spring and summer and then in late summer to pick out a couple special school things.

Now she's my thrifty one, so the amount she gets will go A LONG LONG way.

I want to bring her for lunch too. See if she needs any new make up(she rarely uses any, but a new gloss or something). Make a mom and daughter day out of it for her.

Think that would go over well?

Poor kiddo is home sick today, and her b'day is just a week and a bit away. Better now than then I guess.