My 3 year old bday party ideas
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    Default My 3 year old bday party ideas

    The first year we had all the family over and that was great and turned out nice. Last year we did the full deal at Chuckie Cheeses. Ugh, that cost a fortune and we paid for all the family kids tokens and plus....the pizza sucks. But it was a lot of fun.

    This year I don't want to spend so much. His birthday is on Memorial Day so I thought it would be nice to have a picnic at the lake and whoever wanted to come would come. But it always seems to rain on Memorial Day here. It's like a curse.

    I have no other ideas. I don't need to get all the family involved but I don't want to exclude them not sure what to do for my son's Birthday.

    Any ideas? It doesn't have to be a big deal but family gets weird sometimes, ya know? I rather keep it simple and on the down low.

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    Palooka your idea sounds wonderful! Is there a park with a covered picnic area that can be rented out? Can you BBQ there as well...look up the rates for rental if available and pray its not already booked up.

    What about a local amusement park - not sure what you're near. Encourage everyone to come out and join you but be sure to note its a pot luck picnic? All can congregate together and join each other on rides however its pay yer own way?

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    You did the party at your house one year, then chuck e cheese, how about back to your house again for this year? That way you aren't raising the stakes every year trying to come up with something. Your little one will enjoy his birthday surrounded by loved ones regardless of what you plan. Cake, ice cream, love. Done and done.

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