Phewf! 1 Birthday Party Down...1 To Go!
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    Default Phewf! 1 Birthday Party Down...1 To Go!

    Aaaaaahhhhhh!!! We had Julia's birthday party this afternoon. I had been feeling pressure since all of the parties (except one) that she's been invited to this year have been at gymnastics places, Chuck E. Cheese's, ice cream shops, etc. They've all invited 25-30 kids and spent tons of money on them. We really can't compete, so we told Julia she could invite 5 kids and we'd have her party here at home. She asked for 6 (two of them are twins and you can't have one without the other) so we said okay. Anyway, they arrived at 2:00. We started with pizza for the kids, then we played "Pin the fin on Nemo." Then, we went back to the kitchen table where I had set out icing, sprinkles, and M&M's and the kids decorated sugar cookies and brownies that Julia and I made this morning. Then we went back to the living room and played "Musical Present." Little variation on hot potato where the kids pass around a little wrapped present and whoever is holding it when the music stops gets to keep it and backs out of the circle...then I put another present in and they pass it around, etc. So, everyone wins. I had more stuff for them to do, but the kids, at that point, really just wanted to go to the playroom and play with Julia's toys. So, we let them go and then after about 20 minutes brought them back up for cake. They ate cake (except for Julia who strangely doesn't like sweets and asked for mandarin oranges instead ) and then played some more and then went home.

    It went so well. I really enjoyed the other moms and Julia had a fabulous time. She was so excited. Tomorrow, we are having a family party for Julia and Patrick's birthday, but I'm not really worried about that one. The house is already clean and I don't really feel "on" about entertaining the in-laws and my parents. Julia's 11 cousins will be there, so there will be plenty to keep her busy, and instead of cake for tomorrow, we have a big fruit salad. Should be fun.

    One more thing to cross off my list and release some tension from my body!

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    Good for you!

    I know what you mean about the pressure to compete. We had that with ds this year, and you know what? I actually think the kids had more fun at our little, sane party (4 friends, at our home) than the one where there were 28 kids running around chaotically! The bday kid from that party couldn't even remember what he all received!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Julia and Patrick!

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    Sounds like a nice party! Happy Birthday, Julia and Patrick.

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