Birthday party games?
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    Question Birthday party games?

    Tomorrow is dd's 5th birthday party. What kind of games can the kids play? There will be a total of six kids. TIA

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    Pin the tail on the donkey or whatever you have.

    Statute is a favourite here....each time some of Delaney's friends they want to play it as they had so much fun at her party. Put on some fun music and let them dance away.....turn it off and they have to stay still....if not, they sit, some of Delaney's guests pouted here so we just kept everyone in the game.

    We used this game as a guide to whose gift the birthday girl opens first. At dd's age that's a big deal so this game makes it fun and there are no favourites. Hot potato....we did it with a small wrapped gift ....everyone sits in a circle, play music, when the music shuts off the person with the gift goes and gets her gift and the birthday girl opens that persons gift. I wrapped a small box to use as the pass around.

    Blow up a bunch of balloons and see how long they can keep them up in the air.

    Using sidewalk chalk let the kids draw a message to the birthday girl on the driveway or sidewalk or if you have window writers (markers) let them draw a message on a mirror or window.

    A real hit here...not so much a game but I had lots of bubble liquid and wands and let them loose outside....they had a ball blowing bubbles.

    An OUTSIDE game....who can carry an egg on a spoon to the finish line first~!

    Hope you can use some of these.....hope you have a wonderful day with your daughter and her friends tomorrow!!

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    It sounds like Delany and her friends had a great time at her party! Hope Elena has just as much fun today!

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