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    Default cheap birthday party

    my favourite years ago was the quickie streamers me and the kifds made. and beacuse i lived in the country , i used the internet at afriends house at the time printed off spiderman coloring pages, the kids coloured, and a small coloured pic to put on cake with red and blue candles. the streamers were red and blue mixed. and ssame colored balloons

    nicholas my son just loved it.

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    I loved giving theme parties for the girls. I'm quite creative, so it wasn't a problem to do usually.

    We had a great pirate party once. It was based on a pirate activity book from the library. The cake was a version from Australian Women's Weekly birthday cake book, as I recall. I made a pirate ship. Used bamboo skewers to hold paper sails.

    The kids got out the Halloween makeup and painted handlebar moustaches on our faces and generally gave a paint job to make us look fierce. We had some fabric sashes around to tie around our waists, and bandannas on our heads (squares of fabric). They wore striped t-shirts and pants that were too short...or capris.

    I drew up a treasure map in code, telling dd#2 where she could find her presents. She had to follow the map to various locations and look for her presents there.

    We had coloured Koolaid for glogg. We ate stew, their favourite.

    Lots of fun.

    We also did a princess party once, but that was more complicated. The neighborhood moms hated me for that one. Something to live up to that they couldn't do. Oh well. Killed by my success!


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