Fun Party Food Ideas for Kid Birthday Parties
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    Smile Fun Party Food Ideas for Kid Birthday Parties

    Fun Party Food Ideas for Kid Birthday Parties
    By: Sherry Frewerd

    Planning a kid’s birthday party can have its frustrations. Depending on the age of the child, you’ve got more than a few things to consider. What theme? How many guests? Where will you have the party? What kind of food should you serve? If you want to make your child’s birthday party a memorable one, you might consider planning a simple yet fun menu. Everyone does a party with cake and ice cream. How about serving your young guests delicious appetizers that they’ll ask their parents to make for their parties too?

    Here are a few suggestions for fun party foods that kids absolutely love!

    Pizza Muffins

    1 can refrigerated biscuits
    1 cup tomato sauce
    1 cup shredded cheese
    1/2 lb. ground meat, browned & drained
    1 tsp. onion salt
    1 tsp. Italian seasoning

    In a muffin pan, place a biscuit in each cup, pressing until it completely covers bottom and sides. Combine tomato sauce, onion salt and Italian seasoning. Place 1 tablespoon of tomato mixture and 1 tablespoon of ground meat in each muffin cup; to with cheese. Bake at 350 degrees for about 10 to 15 minutes. Let cool slightly before removing muffins.

    Apple Lady Bugs

    2 red apples
    1/4 cup raisins
    1 tablespoon peanut butter
    8 thin pretzel sticks

    Slice apples in half from top to bottom, and scoop out the cores using a knife or melon baller. If you have an apple corer, core them first, then slice. Place each apple half flat side down on a small plate. Dab peanut butter on to the back of the 'lady bug', then stick raisins onto the dabs for spots. Use this method to make eyes too. Stick one end of each pretzel stick into a raisin, then press the other end into the apples to make antennae.


    1 box Ritz crackers
    1 small jar peanut butter
    Coating chocolate

    Cover Ritz crackers with peanut butter and top with another Ritz crackers to make a "sandwich." Melt chocolate and dip sandwiches in chocolate until covered. Allow to dry.

    Remember to have fun and involve your child in the party planning as well. They will love the experience and the time spent with you. Planning a child’s birthday party doesn’t have to stressful or ordinary either. Add some fun, personal touches to the event and your party will be a success!

    Article by:
    About the Author: Sherry Frewerd publishes ‘Toddler-Birthday-Party-Ideas’ and other kid and food related websites. Stop by and plan a fun, stress-free birthday party for your child! Plan fun toddler activities for your birthday party at 'Family Play and Learn'

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    Those are cute ideas! My mom was the best about creating great kids b-days, so I am always looking for ideas for my kids b-days!

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    Delicious recipe thanks for sharing it, planing a menu for kids birthday party is one of the difficult task, kids are so choosy, it is difficult to find something suitable for all. Now many party planning sites are also sharing recipes and it is quite helpful.



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    Thumbs up I like it...

    Woop i like those recipes perfect for kiddie b-day parties hohoho
    hmmm guys for me, when i was around 5 up ^^ i always want spaghetti i really crave for those meatballs and sauce uhmmmmmmmm
    until now i can feel the spice factor of my spaghetti during my b-day parties hahaha...

    I also love sandwiches but not the typical one...
    i more prefer sandwiches with jam spreads hmm i like the sweetness factor of fruits..

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    It is so frustrated, you have to arrange the all the things like decoration, items or arrangement for the guests. Or selecting the themes or managing and organizing is also difficult. Its good that some companies provides the facilities and work for the birthday parties and have lot of kids birthday themes.

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