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    My daughter's third birthday is coming up and I am looking for suggestions on how to throw an inexpensive, but fun party. It is just going to be a family party, so the only children that we will be there are cousins (about 10)

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    for my son's (4 yr old) last party:

    I made the pinata myself from paper mache and tissue paper. i bought like 2 bags of candy and filled it the rest of the way with happy meal toys that i collect throughout the year.

    We had my sister make cupcakes and we have a cupcake stand so we stack them like a cake.

    For goody bags i went to the dollar store and bought things in packs like board books, go fish and crazy eights cards and playdoh then broke them up. the pinata candy took care of the rest.

    For food we actually just had burgers and hotdogs and salads. Or have them make their own pizzas that counts as entertainment and food.

    My sons birthday is in fall so we just drug all of his outdoor toys and let them run around like crazy people, so we had structured entertainment. I know that may not work in the winter.

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    Pick a theme and run with it. Once you have a theme it can help dictate everything from the invitations and decorations to the cake and entertainment. What does she love, barbie, horses, sports, etc.
    I always like to pick something from that and do something special -- ponies, or a simple craft project or food--something memorable and different. Good luck, keep us posted.

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