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    Default Birthday Party

    My ds is turning 7 March 11 and he wants a birthday party with his friends fome school.Usually since his bday falls during Spring break we have family over .this year he wants a kids party
    I need ideas ladies,pleaseeeeeeee
    I think I want to have it at home but Im open to any ideas

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    How about having a Super Hero Party? Have all the kids that are invited to dress up as their favorite super hero. Have a Spiderman cake (you can buy a pan at Hobby Lobby or somewhere like that and decorate it yourself) and kool aid punch to go with. You could make up an assignment sort of like a scavenger hunt or something (with each item needed for the rescue mission or whatever) similar. You could enlist your neighbors and forewarn them that they might have several little heroes knocking on their doors for simple things. Anyway that would occupy a good bit of time, burn off a good bit of sugar .
    Whatever you do just remember it's about the kids being together not 'the party theme'. You don't have to spend a fortune, for it to be fun and memorable, either.

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