This is a fun thread from before my join date so I'm hoping on now. The one I get the best reaction from and modified from Jaques Pepin's rustic tarte...I call it "watcha-got-tart"

Take a pie crust, cheap off brand or store brand is best because they are usually all lard. The pillsbury has other shortenings and doesn't hold up for me, but whatever people like or home made or puff pastry or whateer.

Lay it out on parchment paper on a baking pan.

Put a couple of table spoons of jam, marmalade, jelly, preserves, thick applesauce in the center and spread it to about 2" from the edge, leave the edge empty.
Get a cup or 2 of fruit together, anything you can put in a pie or crumble. even rehydrated dried. sliced apples/pears washed berries, apricots, plumped raisins, plums..
If the fruit is too juicy toss with a table spoon of flower.
put the fruit on the jam circle. Mounded, flat, messy, precise concentric circles, whatever.
Put some cinnamon and nutmeg or whatever spices you think are nice on it. You can sprinkle sugar if you like but I don't usually bother. sometimes I put honey on after it's baked.

Fold the outer edge of the crust over the fruit and mash lightly. Sprinkle some spices on the bit you just folded up so it looks pretty.

Bake at 375-450 (whatever the oven is at if you already have something in there, you can always finish it under the broiler to brown).
Bake until bubbly and the bottom crust is crispy-ish. The parchment lets you lift it up a bit on an edge and see if the crust is firm.

Take it out. Let it cool. Eat.

Takes about 5 min to put together, maybe 20 to bake.

I've also cut the crust into 2" squares or so, tossed nuts (I think I had pecans on hand) with cinnamon sugar and a bit of flower. Put a table spoon of nuts or a whole one if you are being fancy on each pie crust bit and pinch it together so you can still see the filling but the melting sugar won't run everywhere in the oven. bake as above...on parchment in a hot oven.

YOu dont really need the parchment but it makes it super easy to move the tart or tiny tarts off the pan and used parchment is a great firestarter in the woodstove.