ISO beans and rice recipe
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    Default ISO beans and rice recipe

    DD used to work with a girl from Puerto Rico who made some really good beans and rice...they weren't real spicy and dd wants to know if anyone has a recipe for them...Thanks

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    I have a beans and rice recipe that usues Rice, Creole seasoning, red beans and Jimmy Dean's Italian sausage. It's very tasty, and I serve it over Indian Fry Bread that I make a lot for my DH (he's a Lakota). It's an old school recipe: you make some rice, add a package of the sausage, a can or so of red beans and creole seasoning to taste. LOL. I had to experiment to get a nice flavor medley that DH and I liked, and we put a lot of the seasoning in ours because we like it spicier.

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