How long should I heat baked beans in the crockpot?
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    Default How long should I heat baked beans in the crockpot?

    Personally, I hate baked beans   but DH loves them and we're hosting a cookout tommorow, so, baked beans it is.   I bought the VanCamp's onion flavored ones---  they were on sale--- so all I have to do is heat them up.   We're eating dinner at six, so, what time would you turn on the crockpot?   I was thinking that 4pm would probably be enough time, but, I'm not sure.  Longer?  Shorter?  Any suggestions?  TIA! 

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    It probably wouldn't take any longer than 2 hrs on high, depending on how old your crockpot is. That's a really good idea though...maybe I'll put mine in the crockpot tomorrow instead of turning on my oven.

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