Boiled Vegetable Water
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    Default Boiled Vegetable Water

    Does anyone here save their boiled vegetable water? Do you save all of it (boiled potatoes/carrots/frozen veggies) together or do you keep it seperate? What recipes do you use it for? Do you freeze it in a big jar til you have enough and then use it, or do you keep it going in the fridge for as long as it's good?

    Just something and I were discussing tonight and I figured you ladies would have all the answers to our questions!

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    I do save mine, hate to throw away good vitamins! I save it in a container in the freezer along with the tablespoon or two of vegetables that always seem to be left in the bowl. After it gets full, I use it to make soup. I usually take the veg. liquids, add a can of tomatoes, some beans and or rice, some salt, peper, misc. spices and some type of meat, usually chicken and then cook it all day in the crock pot. Makes the best soup.

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