Hyperemesis cures?
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    Default Hyperemesis cures?

    Anyone suffer with hyperemesis? We have 3 children ages 5, 10 & 15. Yes, they are quite spaced out because I have hyperemesis with each pregnancy and always need a little longer to recover in between and build up courage to go for it again. Getting older now though- I'd love to have 2 more, but don't know if I can put my family through it again. Anyone dealt with this successfully?


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    I see that your post is pretty old but I wanted to respond anyhow. I had hyperemesis with my last pregnancy and was put on Zonfran. It worked wonders. I was still mildly sick but stopped losing weight and could keep down wisely chosen foods. I went for things that I craved and then made sure to get the highest calorie version of it I could find. They tried 2 other drugs and 1 worked a little and the other not at all. I should note Zofran is pretty pricy and my insurance wouldn't approve more than 4 weeks of it without "failing" 2 other drugs - hence trying the others. Once I "failed" those insurance approved Zofran on a monthly basis. I was on it for about 6 months. Good luck!

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    There are two drugs that I know of that are prescribed for extreme nausea during pregnancy. Zofran is one of them. The other is something else and it does have a generic equivalent. I used the generic and it worked pretty well.

    I don't get hyperemisis (sp) but my nausea is with me from day one and stays til the end. Peppermints, ginger, (teas or candies), and spacing my meals 2-3 hours apart help me. I know your issues probably go beyond those little tricks but the drug I used was pretty good when combined with the others.

    One of the other tricks both the pharmacist and my doctor suggested was Unisom - the doxylamine version. For some reason, it calms nausea. So the generic sleeping pill as long as it was the doxylamine version worked as well.

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