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    We bought an umbrella clothes line (Lowe's) last summer and got a little bit of use out of it. Never could seem to get a schedule going but once I get to that load every (sometimes other) day, I think it'll make it a lot easier using it this year.

    DH cemented the holder into the ground and the umbrella clothes line is completely removable. We take it down if it's going to storm and took it down from November-March. I store the clothes pins in a plastic shoe box container.

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    I think I'm very fortunate as I've never owned a clothes drier, and have always hung clothes out to dry. I live in South Australia, so even in winter it's a rare week when I can't hang the clothes out - and then I set up a line in the car port or use a portable stand indoors. I've stayed with people who use clothes driers, and I don't like them - the clothes just don't smell fresh and clean like they do when they're hung outside.

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