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    Living in Florida we don't have a basement but we do have a utility room with a wire closet rack and some shelving. When I take out of the washer what ever I'm going to hand I put on hangers and hang from the wire rack or off the shelve units. I don't hang everything...mostly tee shirts and hoodies. But I figure every piece cuts down on dry time in the dryer. I also put the dryer on the least amount of time I think it will take and if the stuff is still damp then I'll spread it over something.
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    I have no outdoor hanging spot as I live in an apartment. I take my shirts and place on hangers then hang from my shower rod. They dry in a day.

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    I have dryer racks, my HOA does not allow clothes lines and I have an exposed back yard with a wrought iron fence, so they could see it if I put a clothesline up.

    I put the sheets outside on racks on my covered patio (no bird poop that way) during the warmer months. The rest of my laundry is dried for 10 or 15 minutes and hung on hangers (blouses and bras) or racks inside. Everything is dry by the next morning. I do laundry twice a week so have plenty of time between washing if it takes longer in the winter. I will have the heater on as the weather gets cooler and the sheets will be dried inside then along with the other stuff.

    I've noticed a nice decrease of gas from not using my dryer as much.

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