Aaack! Laundry help needed!
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    Default Aaack! Laundry help needed!

    I made 2 laundry blunders in one day.....

    The first thing that I desperately need help with is this. I put a pair of jeans in the dryer to fluff up and they had (unbeknownst to me....   ) a tube of lipstick in the pocket. It got all over several articles of clothing!!! HELP! Is there anything that will get it out now that it's heat set?

    The other is I washed a light weight white with large dark blue striped sweater on cold, on gentle with another one of similar colors....the other one's blue faded on the white stripes......I haven't dried it yet, any hope of getting this out too? I'm so aggravated at myself!!!

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    I'm not good at laundry blunders but I can send a big old hug in the hope that it helps

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    This may or may not help but here goes:

    I got a pen in the wash, a bad one, one of the Staedtler types that dh uses. ALL over. Dh was helping, and put the wash in, without checkinghis pockets.

    A friend recommended a stain remover called


    and it's sold by a Canadian chain of fabric stores so maybe your local fabric store might have it, worth asking.

    It took out all and I mean ALL the blue ink (permanent liquid ink, not like ball point at all--more like a special fine tip marker)

    Ok the other tip, well I have used a soak in OXYclean powder and hot water and dergent for other stains, including dd's red and white striped acrylic sweater that bled all over the white stripes.

    I was heartsick when it happened. Did the oXY thing, and it helped. You can't tell except if you look really hard.

    but OXY will remove colour from the coloured parts and it won't always be perfect. Good enough, but not perfect.

    NOW that said, there is a possible 3rd solution (gotta be fast, picking up dh)

    and that is a new colour remover fabric softenter sheet that takes out the oops the dye bled kind of problems. The dye gets sucked back out onto the fabric softener sheet and everybody is happy at least in commercial land.

    I was going to buy it and try it the next big laundry oops that I have, but if you do use it, can you tell me if it works??????

    Ok that is the sum total of my head's contents on the subject, but I will dig around some more and see if there are other vague memories that may surface while I go get dh. (it's my car day today)

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    Darlene, because the lipstick was heated it may not come out.
    Usually when something is heated by the dryer, such as crayons or lipstick, it doesn't come out.

    But I looked up my book and here is what it says about lipstick:

    Rub with cold cream or shortening. Wash with club soda.

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    Aww Lisa that stinks!Are you painting again? I'm sorry I don't have any advise for you but wanted you to know I feel your frustration.

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    Oh, I hate that!! My boys try once in a while to do laundry and never check pockets. I have ended up with ink all over everything.

    I hope some of the above mentioned tips help.

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