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    Default Laundry Pen ?

    Would a sharpie marker work just as well? It is permanent, right? I want to send along some of Julia's old clothes to my sil who had a girl, but want to mark them "just in case." No laundry pen here, and I'd like to get it all together today. Sharpie?

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    I use a Sharpie on my brother who is in the nursing homes clothes. I use the laundry pen when I have it but more often I just use a black Sharpie. It stays readable for a very long time and you know how much nursing homes clothes must be washed. I think it would work out fine.

    BTW - If you don't mind, would you pm me your address. I'd love to send Patrick a card and I have a few baby coupons you might could use. If you aren't comfortable giving out your address, I'll understand as well.

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    Amy - with both girlies in the same size & with my dear MIL who insists on dressing them like twins (which I adore but can't afford!) I always mark their clothing - and use a Sharpie! (This way we know whose shorts really were left in the floor or whose sweater is left in the living room! )

    Lasts through tons of launderings!

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