Any suggestions for inexpensive fabric softener...
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    Default Any suggestions for inexpensive fabric softener...

    ... or liquid detergent?

    I absolutely LOVE fabric softener, and did find some suggestions here for making my own (thanks!), but time is just such an issue. And I so LOVE snuggly soft and sweet-smelling clothes (even if my boys and DH don't!).

    Too, the washing machine in our rental does a terrible job of rinsing -- we pull clothes out to find large splotches of detergent all over the place. Even running a larger load to allow extra swishing room doesn't help, and this second rinse business is for the birds. I thought perhaps a liquid would help. Any suggestions? (It's either that or take our own Neptune units out of storage, which would please me greatly. DH isn't convinced, however! )


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    I use the kind from Dollar General, and it seems to do an okay job.

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    Try a cup full of vinegar in the rinse cycle. It will help loosen the detergent residue and soften the clothes while removing soap scum or minerals.

    Sounds like there is something wrong with the machine. It should rinse.

    But first try reducing the amount of detergent.

    If you see detergent residue, try using less detergent.

    The ideal point is just enough to do the job, but not so much that residue is left.

    And even though it's a drag to run it thru a second deep rinse, I would. I'd be tempted to just run it thru a second wash cycle just with vinegar instead of detergent to deep clean the clothing for a little while till you solve the problem.

    Otherwise it builds up on the fibres of the clothes and that makes them attract and hold dirt better. skin rashes and irritation is also a problem.

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