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    Default Laundry Tips

    Laundry Tips

    Bleeding of Colors: Your red shirt got mixed in with
    other clothes and ruined them? First off, DON'T DRY
    THEM! Wash again with regular detergent and color-safe
    bleach. If that didn't work, Rit®, the makers of
    clothes dye, makes a color remover that works wonders
    and doesn't cost much. To prevent bleeding in the
    first place, I use a scoop of Oxi Clean® with every

    Blood on Clothes: Pour peroxide on blood and rinse
    with cold water. If some blood remains, repeat.

    Burn / Scorch Marks: If the fabric is washable, brush
    it gently with a soft brush or dry sponge to remove
    loose carbon particles. Then, wash the fabric with
    regular detergent and color-safe bleach. This will
    permanently weaken the fabric even more than the
    scorch has, but the scorch may no longer be

    Burnt Stuff on Iron: Rub iron with aluminum foil to
    remove burnt on starch, etc.

    Deodorant Stains on the Underarms of Washable Shirts:
    Sponge on white vinegar (or soak stain in it); wait 30
    minutes. Launder shirts in the hottest water safe for
    the fabric. Using an enzyme detergent or a detergent
    with bleach alternative check care labels to be sure
    this is okay). I sometimes put liquid laundry
    detergent right on the area, leave it for five to ten
    minutes, then wash. To prevent: Let deodorant dry
    before dressing. And don't let stains sit! Apply
    prewash spray or liquid detergent ASAP, then launder.
    Every third or fourth washing, use the hottest water
    safe for the shirts.

    Fabric Softener: I have been using an old dish towel
    as a fabric softener sheet. I pour a couple of capfuls
    of Downey on it and throw it in the dryer. It has
    taken over a year to go thru a bottle of (small)
    Downey fabric softener. I add more Downey about every
    15 loads or just when I notice a little static. It
    helps to use a towel that is distinct from the other
    laundry. I use a pink towel, which is a one of a kind
    in our house.

    Fading: Turn dark clothes inside out and wash in the
    coolest water possible; dry on lowest heat. For
    all-black clothes, throw in a box of black Rit® dye
    every 8-10 washes or so to keep black clothes black.

    Lint: Keep lint off dark clothes by not washing them
    with towels, washcloths, dishrags, etc. This is where
    a majority of the lint comes from and it's just easier
    to eliminate them.

    Spaghetti Stains: Wet the fabric and then sprinkle
    with powdered dish detergent. Scrub gently with a
    toothbrush. Rinse the item and launder normally.

    Yellowed / Greyed Whites: Rit®, the makers of clothes
    dye, makes a white-wash that works well for bleachable
    and non-bleachable clothing that has yellowed or
    greyed. You can also hang yellowed clothes out to dry
    whenever possible to reduce the yellow.

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    M ore great tips.

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    I like all the Rit Dye tips - especially the color remover one. I didn't know that. ALso great to dye the black clothes.

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    add salt to the wash load, if your afraid of bleeding, for example a white jersey with red trim.

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    Hair spray will get ink out of clothes
    Once a month wash all your socks in one load with 1/2 cup of clorox for extra white socks

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