I don't usually find any really good information in the magazine Budget Living- there is rarely much of interest, actually, but the sub. is free, so I read a little then pass it on or recycle.

Tha A/S issue came in the mail yesterday, and there is actually a really interesting article in it about the Economides family (yes, that is their real name) of Arizona. They are a family of 7 (though the oldest has recently moved out) that lives on less than $35k a year, no matter if their income is over $100k or not. IIIRC, they live in Scotsdale, so that is REALLY inexpensive.

They remind me of an Amy-D-meets-Dave-Ramsey combo. No ccs. scrounged items to reuse or sell, OAMC, and a point system for chores/allowance.

Steve Economides has started a newsletter- I would be interested in seeing it- it is $12 a year. (They offer a 4-article sample newsletter online, either HTML or PDF, or you can send for the print version by sending them a SASE.)

They have a website I haven't really checked out yet: www.homeeconomiser.com

I'm not advocating you run out and buy the magazine, but if you can get your hands on this issue, the article is a good read. (And I'm not completely opposed to sharing, but you'll have to PM me about that.)